The Upcoming Novels to Buy for Your Bookshelf this Year

“Flux,” by Jinwoo Chong (March 2023)

“Flux,” by Jinwoo Chong, explores grief, trauma and the weight of cultural identity in America. In the novel, characters Bo, Brandon and Blue’s lives intertwine, revealing shocking truths behind an experimental technology and tech start-up. The novel follows the trial of the start-up, for which Blue is a key witness. 

“Flux” is Chong’s first full-length novel. Although it has yet to be released, the book has received positive feedback from renowned sci-fi authors such as Ling Ma. In the past, Chong has published several short story pieces, featured throughout literary magazines such as the Florida Review. “Flux” will be available March 21 for purchase.

“Another Life,” by Kristin Hannah (May 2023)

“Another Life” will continue Kristin Hannah’s foray into the literary world. Empowered women are generally the subjects of Hannah’s writing — such as undercover revolutionary Isabelle in “The Nightingale” — and her new work will be no exception. In “Another Life,” daughter-less Angie DeSaria meets teen Lauren Ribido in a small, Pacific Northwest coastal town. Both yearn for kindness from others, which has not been shown towards them in the past. When the pair meet, however, they will finally find individuals they can trust. 

Unlike many of the previous novels Hannah’s written, her new book will not take place in the past. Her most famous releases, including “The Great Alone” and “The Four Winds” have all explored female struggles through a historical lens, and the method in which Hannah shifts her tone to a modern perspective will be fascinating to read. “Another Life” is set to release to all platforms on May 25.

“All Her Secrets,” by Jane Shemilt (August 2023)

British author Jane Shemilt’s 10th book, “All Her Secrets,” will undoubtedly tell a story shrouded in mystery. One summer night, a young girl meets two boys at the beach, changing her life permanently. Fast-forward to the present day: Julia, a perfect housewife, lives an empty, uninteresting life. Her days are monotonous until she meets therapist Laurel. Finally able to open up, the two bond over fateful summer days.

Shemilt is known for weaving tales of deception that perplex readers almost to the end of her stories, then quickly shifting pace and culminating with unexpected twists. “The Playground,” her 2019 novel, left readers with unease after the truth about a murder came to light. Ideally, “All Her Secrets” will have the same effect.

“Holly,” by Stephen King (September 2023)

For fans of King’s “The Outsider,” a familiar favorite will return in his next bestseller. Private investigator Holly Gibney is set to star in her own novel, which takes place alongside Gibney’s quest on uncovering the abductees of young Bonnie Dahl. Until now, readers have only seen Gibney as a side character, first as a shy sidekick, and most recently as an investigator with her own firm. After having been portrayed as a more confident character in King’s recent installment, “If It Bleeds,” Gibney will surely capture audiences’ attention as only King’s characters can.

“Holly” is King’s 66th published novel, many of which have explored supernatural themes, ranging from monsters to horrifying superpowers. Although Holly Gibney has faced otherworldly foes in the past, it is unlikely that she will do so in “Holly.” “Holly” will be available to the public on Sept. 5.


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