Bend’s Munch-n-Music 2023

A Weekly Festival for Everyone

Munch-n-Music is a 32-year-old tradition, a festival held every Thursday evening in the latter half of summer at Drake Park. Filled with food, shops, music and fun, this festival is a place for some amazing times. 

Scattered along the grass of the park, there were dozens of stands selling different kinds of hats, clothes, jewelry, artwork and more. 

One vendor, Kate Schrotenboer was at her second Munch-n-Music selling her handmade jewelry. Another, Lit Lite, attended his first Munch-n-Music selling hats. Every vendor I talked to said the festival is a great place for sales, and to spread the word about your shop, as locals and tourists alike flock to the event.

Marinah Haynie sold her handmade beeswax candles. “It is a great way to see all of Bend’s creative people,” Haynie said.  

Marinah Haynie at Her Booth

For those who didn’t want to shop, there was a plethora of food options which many said was their favorite part. From hearty dinners, foods spanning cultures, desert or a drink, you can find anything your heart desires.

Along with shopping and food, the main focus is the live music playing the entire time. You can sit and listen anywhere on the grass, or while roaming the shops or food area. Throughout the summer, the bands: Thunderstorm Artis, Cash’d Out, High Step Society, Boombox, Ozomatli and Precious Byrd play live. 

29-year-old Jamie Kozlowski was there for the first time. His first impression was that it was a good atmosphere where everyone is happy and smiling. Kozlowski said the music was his favorite part. 

Munch-n-Music is a fun event for teenagers too. 16-year-old Anika Simmons said, “[Munch-n-Music is] super cool because it’s a free event to hang out at.” With no shortage of teens, you might just run into someone you know. 

Even the parents were sitting back and relaxing while their kids had the time of their lives in the bouncy house area. From obstacle courses, to themed inflatables, there seemed to be something for everyone. 

Munch-n-Music is a place for everyone to have a good time. An event you can look forward to every Thursday