Bend’s Hottest New Italian Restaurant

This week, Liam and Sienna check out Meadowlark. Opened in 2022, it’s the hottest new Italian restaurant in Bend. Meadowlark is a charming little restaurant in the corner of Brookswood plaza. It’s a little Westside gem that serves great drinks, pizza and so much more. The restaurant’s new appearance has been a hit, most popular on Friday nights. 

Walking in, we were greeted with a big smile from the friendly host, who promptly seated us at our table. The wood furnishing and accents gave it a warm, welcoming environment, almost like  home. They had a beautiful upstairs seating area, which always gives more of a private feeling to the environment. It felt romantic, but casual enough to go with friends without it being weird.

Liam had the Seafood Bucatini, priced at a very reasonable $19. The bucatini was perfectly complemented with clam and shrimp and sautéed to perfection using white wine sauce. Although the Parmesan was somewhat overbearing, it was a great dish overall. 

Sienna tried the I-Talian Pizza, a dish with Italian sausage, wild mushrooms, mozzarella and garlic cream. The pizza was a bit big, but it had a perfectly toasted crust and delicious toppings, the perfect size to share with someone. They were generous with the amount of cheese, so depending on your preference, keep this in mind. 

The turnout at the restaurant was a little disappointing. We were the only people there, but it might be worth noting this was at 8 p.m. on a Monday night. Depending on whether you like a busy restaurant or a very private one, this could be seen as a positive or negative. The lack of customers was surprising, as the food was delightful and affordable, but this may be attributed to the location, as Brookswood Plaza often has few customers. 

Meadowlark is a great place to get enjoyable Italian food at an affordable price. Aside from the food, it has some of the best customer service we have experienced, making us feel welcomed and content the whole night. It definitely holds up in comparison to some of the better known Italian restaurants in Bend, such as Pastini. If you are a pasta or pizza lover — or just a lover of good food — we would recommend checking out Meadowlark.


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