I Became Vegan for a Week, NOT CLICKBAIT

The problem with veganism, it seems, isn’t the inherent annoyingness of vegan diets themselves, or the fact that they cannot, morally, wear Doc Martens. It’s not even because of the intense anti-vegan mentality @ThatVeganTeacher re-inspired on TikTok. Rather, the problem with veganism is that it just isn’t accessible to many people that can’t afford $50 worth of organic vegetables every week. 

Even if you can afford it, veganism is a daunting task. Myself, and my family included, are hardcore omnivores–vegans are a common butt of jokes. It’s easy to be scared of plant-based food. It’s easy to laugh and joke and gag. However, I pride myself on being able to try new experiences. That’s why, for one whole week, I became vegan so that I could truly facilitate a cruelty-free lifestyle, and put my money where my mouth is.

And I decided to write about it. To get attention.


  • Spend one week as a strict vegan
  • Try an Impossible beef patty and tofu for the first time
  • Fend off the #haters
  • Say yes to everything


Food: Smoothie with oat milk and mixed berries, pesto cavatappi salad and chana masala with pita bread

My first day of veganism was remarkably smooth. Although I’m sure my cravings/temperament will increase in desperation as the week goes along, I’m satisfied for now. I could go for a bagel with cream cheese, but that’s pretty typical for me every day. However, the biggest depression came from my friend’s mention of the carnitas sandwich from Spork, which is one of my obsessions. I wasn’t too broken up about it though—I wouldn’t have been able to get it today anyway. 

I was initially worried about being hungry during the week—and pretty much thought I would only get to eat rabbit food. I was dreading my essential week-long famine, as I am a fierce salad hater. However, I’ve been remarkably satisfied! (This is mostly due to the fact that my mom is helping me cook almost all of these meals. I’m going to get her a card or chocolates or something, after Vegan Week, of course.) 

Most of what is bothering me is the fact that I have to filter everything I eat—I have a bad tendency to accept food from strangers no matter what it is, so I almost slipped up and accepted chocolate milk during lunch. It’s only because Capri-Suns are vegan that I didn’t immediately fail my challenge on the first day. It’s surprisingly difficult to find answers on what’s considered vegan! Everything is “up for debate,” although I feel that going down that rabbit hole will eventually lead to everything being considered not to be a “vegan product.”

Stuff That’s Not Vegan: my chapstick (Burt’s Bees, has beeswax!), Special K Red Berry cereal 

Stuff That IS Vegan: Capri-Suns, 5 gum, Trader Joe’s Pretzel Slims 

I am looking forward to the climax of my week-long vegan life: the infamous Impossible Beef patty. In “Julie and Julia,” Julie dreads deboning a duck as one of her last recipes to try from Julia Child’s cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” In the movie, Julie finds it remarkably easier than expected, and ends her year-long challenge on a high note. I can only hope it’s the same sort of experience for myself.


Food: Black bean burgers with mushroom, added on “Bitchin’ sauce” and some salsa, pearl couscous w/ vegan pesto and vegetables — great. I ate the cavatappi salad for lunch again, and it was even better than last time. 

Today my hardest challenge was saying no to cookies. Chocolate and macadamia nuts — one of my absolute favorites. Hurt my heart. My friends put it on my leg. I couldn’t even look at it. My willpower will remain strong! I am dedicated and steadfast, and I will not fail this challenge voluntarily.

If I wasn’t completely sure that my TikTok for-you page was stealing my data and listening to my conversations, I am now. 

For the sole reason that I didn’t want to get recommended various amounts of vegan meal recipes after Vegan Week is over, I got all of my recipes off of different devices that have no connection to my personal ones—and yet, today, I was recommended about four vegan meal ideas in the morning alone! 

I am suspicious, but some of it looks really good. However, whoever’s listening to my conversations is also a jerk, because they keep recommending meals that are definitively not vegan. My willpower is draining from me faster than a toilet being used for the first time.

Stuff that is not vegan: macadamia and chocolate chip cookies, chocolate milk

Stuff that is vegan: earthwise orange juice, tater tots

Note to self: Buy more Bitchin’ sauce.


Food: Leftover pearl couscous, vegan snacks (fig bar, grape, orange) — I didn’t have time to make a decent lunch, so it was whatever I could find. Had a bagel with fake butter — which, if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference taste-wise, but the smell alone put me off. I find myself curiously surprised and delighted by this fake plant-butter.

I decided before this challenge that it would be super lame to fail Vegan Week within the first three days. Now that I’m officially over the benchmark, I feel accomplished. 

My biggest challenge, it seems, has not been avoiding animal products–although staying away from my Doc Martens and my chapstick has been difficult, the worst part of Vegan Week has been the reactions of the people I’ve told. People think it’s hilarious to shove their animal-product based food in my face–it gets funnier every time. 

Things that are not vegan: Garlic bread, cocoa puff cereal, chicken tenders

Things that are MOSTLY not vegan: Sun Chips, Dutch Bros drinks

Things that are vegan: water.

Maybe I should just lean in hard to the vegan-aesthetic and start watching My Vegan Teacher…donate to PETA. Attack people on Instagram. This week is going to be so long.


Food: Sandwich, plant-based chocolate yogurt, roasted cauliflower soup and frozen grapes

Today was a day of experimental eating — halfway through my Vegan Week, today was when I tried Silk’s plant-based chocolate yogurt. I’ve never had a plant-based yogurt, but it was so good. I was so nervous — it was watery and clumpy, but when I mixed it, it tasted, honestly, better than regular yogurt. I had some tots and some other vegan snacks to go along with it. I would easily eat this again, even when I’m not vegan. 

My wonderful, amazing mother made me a sandwich with hummus, olives, tomato, avocado and MICROGREENS?! It was easily one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life. I also had some of those frozen grapes that have been making the rounds on social media–which were sour, but strangely good! 

Even my best friend, Ellis, a self-proclaimed vegan hater and longtime skeptic of veganism, tried some of my sandwich and my vegan yogurt, and was astounded. I thought I’d be missing meat more, but strangely, I’ve been pretty okay without it. The hardest parts about this week are when people offer me junk food. Access to croutons with parmesan was tempting… I was very enticed to eat one of those. I persevered, though! My honor code had to be adhered to.

Things That Are Vegan: frozen grapes, microgreens, some types of bread

Things That Are Not Vegan: croutons, gummy worms


Food: Chai with oat milk foam, Impossible Beef bowl

Today was the day. My deboning-a-duck with Julia Child guiding me on the TV. My magnum opus of tolerance and open-mindedness: the Impossible Beef patty.

When we went to Food 4 Less to prepare for Vegan Week, the Impossible Beef patty stuck out to me in a way that I figured only happens when you fall in love in a rom-com. I had gotten recommended dozens of videos on my TikTok For You page with the Impossible Beef Patty as the star player.

I wouldn’t have been able to tell it wasn’t real beef, but the texture was ever so slightly off. If I was blindfolded and asked to eat both, I probably would’ve said they were the same. It’s honestly slightly terrifying that plant-based food can be so accurate, even with the slightest differences.

I had homemade chai—which was good! I miss cow milk, although I hate to admit it.

My duck has been deboned. My mind has been expanded. Today, I am truly a vegan.

Things That Are Vegan: Impossible Beef

Things That Are Not Vegan: Cow beef, ice cream


Food: Fried tofu, asparagus and rice

I’m almost there. I’m almost there. I’m almost there. 


Food: Tofu tacos, fried tofu, vegetables and rice

It’s the last day. So far it’s been fairly easy to restrain myself from dairy and meat–but today has been hard, since I’m so close to finishing Vegan Week. 

Everyone’s mostly used to the fact that I’m vegan now–no more questions, or prodding. In fact, they’ve been surprisingly accommodating when it comes to my food restrictions, now giving me plenty of warning when something has an animal product in it. This is extraordinarily bad timing, seeing as it’s my final day of veganism. 

Today, I’ve been seeing things with rose-colored glasses: My vegan yogurt tastes better. My tofu tastes less bland. Veganism is finally not a goal, but a lifestyle.

Things That Are Not Vegan:

Things That Are Vegan: some pastas, tomatoes, tofu, tortillas and mushrooms

The Day After:

My first non-vegan meal actually didn’t come until lunch, when I had chocolate milk, and pizza. I stayed up late making brownies, and celebrated my re-emergence into the omnivore world with Ghirardelli’s walnut double-chocolate brownies.

Post-Vegan Week was strangely mournful. Although I was excited to eat cheese and meat again, I kind of liked having new meals to try, and overall, I felt much healthier eating a sufficient amount of vegetables every day. 

At the beginning of Vegan Week, I thought tofu and Impossible Beef were morally unjust to the goodwill of Earth. Now, I find myself missing the creative freedom soy products had to offer me.

I wouldn’t say that Impossible Beef or super-firm tofu were necessarily life-changing–however, they did offer me the chance to be more open minded about my animal-product consumption. Cows are one of the leading causes of global warming, and unsustainable farming can be countered with programs like Meatless Monday, and other partial vegan programs. 

Don’t get me wrong–soy isn’t necessarily good for you, and a lot of vegan alternatives are pricey in comparison to easier, meat-based products. When my budget allows in the future, I think I’ll be more excited to try vegan products, if not because of my Vegan Week recipes, because of my newfound appreciation for vegan culture. 

Lessons Learned During Vegan Week:

  1. Vegan yogurt is actually really good.
  2. Impossible Beef is not that indistinguishable from real beef.
  3. Vegan Week made me feel a lot healthier with what I was eating.
  4. If you spend a long enough time eating tofu, it starts to taste like insanity. 
  5. Veganism actually isn’t that restrictive. There are a ton of great alternatives to popular dairy products, like butter!
  6. Vegans aren’t THAT obnoxious.