Summer Fest 2023 

New and Unique Art was Displayed for Everyone 

By: Amelia Gagnier

Almost everything there is handmade and one of a kind; such as bags, clothes, charms, pottery and sculptures. 54-year-old Jacob McKean and his partner have attended Summer Fest the past three years, selling their clothing. They have been designing clothes for over 17 years.

McKean and Murhey describing their apparel while shaded in their tent.

”It’s a really good cross market,” said McKean. “There are people from all over, along with locals, and it’s close to a lot of things — so it can help to spread the word about your shop.” 

The Rubinstien pair overlook their sea-themed artworks.

All of the art showcased at Summer Fest was unique, with styles ranging from contemporary to realistic, and everything in between. Hong and Adam Rubinstein, who have professionally handmade pottery for 27 years, sold pieces inspired by the texture and color of the ocean. Every sculpture has their own flare that you can feel and see.

Grant Pecoff is a 49-year-old painter who specializes in photo realism. Pecoff’s patience and dedication to his artwork shows through a mixture of realistic and animated landscapes. 

The painter, Grant Pecoff, accompanies his stylized, photorealistic paintings.

“Everything is alive, has energy and some sort of vibration,” said Pecoff. “If you put away all distractions and focus on feeling, you would be reminded of the beauty around.” Having been painting for 22 years, Pecoff describes it as “dreaming while awake.” 

“Everything changes and grows over time, [and] you can always improve,” said Pecoff. 

Another artist at Summer Fest, Elena Mosko, has been a self-taught painter for 25 years! Mosko started off with traditional oil landscapes, then experimented with mixed media and oil combined. Now, Mosko enjoys working with different mediums, being inspired by wildlife, climate change activism, zen and people. Her paintings of faces, animals and nature have many layers, giving her pieces life.

After taking a journey into the world of art, attendees could get a bite to eat and listen to live music! Some featured artists were Soul’d Out, Rubbah Tree and Alicia Viani Band. Right in front of the stage were the food trucks, with a wide variety of food, drinks, and dessert that did not disappoint. To make things even better for the parents, there were bouncy houses and different fun activities for kids to stay busy. 

The 2023 Summer Fest brought fun and enjoyment to bend. It was a great place for showcases and hanging out. Downtown Bend ensured everyone had an amazing time during the weekend!